Basic SEO guidelines

Many of our clients have asked us about good SEO practices over the years. Simple mistakes are often enough to disrupt fluid reading and decrease the efficiency of Search Engine Optimizations. Obviously, we cannot provide an all-encompassing list in a post like this, but we can give some pointers.

Here are some guidelines that can help you increase visibility for your site:

  • Use subheadings, breaking down the text thematically.
  • Use transition words or phrases between sentences where it makes sense.
  • Have enough content in each post or page to make it worth being published.
  • Avoid using passive voice more than absolutely necessary.
  • Do not use paragraphs that are too long, it tires and bores visitors.
  • Avoid using sentences with more than twenty words when possible.
  • Keep your sentences simple and to the point, do not over-complicate things.

Some of the above are easier to achieve than others, but following them can ensure your effort will not go to waste.